Raised Garden Bed

Transform Your Unused Outdoor Space with a Raised Garden Bed

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The garden bed itself does not require any tools to assemble
Scissors to cut the weedmat to shape
A small trowel for digging your seedling holes


Before starting your project consider the amount of sun your chosen area receives. Full sun (5+ hours) to part sun (3+ hours) is perfect for most herbs and vegetables. If you experience very hot summers, a mild morning sun position is preferable to a hot afternoon sun position. If your plants are exposed to too much hot Summer sun they are likely to […]

Grow your own vegetables with a Raised Garden Bed

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Growing your own vegetables and having a beautiful garden is what we all love, but finding space that is large enough to dig out soil and have a garden can be challenging and time-consuming. A raised garden bed is the solution to growing your own vegetables. It can be set up in 15 minutes and with 0.5m and 1m options available, you can fit one within a 0.5 x 0.5-metre space. The hardest thing about growing your own vegetables is being patient and waiting for them to grow. A great way to having faster-growing vegetables is a raised garden bed.