WaterWhiz™ 400 Tap Timer

WaterWhiz™ 400 Tap Timer

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Program 4 areas separately: Water on different schedules in up to four areas. Water your lawn twice daily, and an established shrubbery once, all at the same time as watering a newly planted flower bed three times.

Multiple watering configurations: Cover a diverse range of watering requirements, from delicate flowers to basic lawn maintenance. Scheduling is also available for use on drip systems, sprinklers and more.

Individual daily schedules: Manage garden needs and conserve water, even if you’re away from the home. Daily timers give ultimate flexibility in watering location, time and frequency. Great for mixed plantings and watering restrictions.

Easy manual override: With the push of a button, switch to manual to wash the car, spray the driveway and other outdoor work with the hose.


Product Code: CO4004
Number of cycles: 16
Material: Plastic
Batteries: 4× AA (Alkaline only)

Packaging Dimensions: 110mm × 280mm × 320mm
Product Dimensions: 110mm × 190mm × 250mm
Product Weight: 713g
Bunnings Fine Line: 3111077


  • Water some areas a little, and some a lot
  • Wide range of watering options
  • Easily set different schedules for each day
  • Manual watering options available
  • Flexible and intuitve programming
  • 7-day individual day and interval selection
  • 1min to 6hr long run time for low pressure systems
  • Double o-ring connections
  • Larger easy to press buttons
  • Large LCD display
  • Easy to read angle display
  • 2 year limited warranty


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