WaterWhiz™ 200 Tap Timer

WaterWhiz™ 200 Tap Timer

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Seperate programming for up to 2 areas: You can water on different schedules in up to two areas. So you can water your lawn twice a day, and a newly planted flower bed once. The easy programming gives you control over when, where and how often you water

Multiple options for watering: All watering needs are covered from maintenance of lawn to the care of delicate flowers. Also includes scheduling abilities for watering from sprinklers, drip systems and more.

Unique daily schedules: Even when away from the home, watering conservatively is simple. By setting a unique timer for each day, you can be flexible in how, when and where you water; keeping on top of your water restrictions and mixed plantings.

Water manually: Washing the footpath, cleaning the car and other outdoor tasks are a breeze when switching to manual watering. With the press of a button, no timer adjustment is needed.


Product Code: CO4002
Max. Cycle Time: 360min
Material: Plastic
Batteries: 4× AA (Alkaline only)

Packaging Dimensions: 110mm × 280mm × 230mm
Product Dimensions: 110mm × 180mm × 160mm
Product Weight: 550g
Bunnings Fine Line: 3111076


  • Water some areas a little, and some a lot
  • Wide range of watering options
  • Easily set different schedules for each day
  • Manual watering options available
  • Flexible and intuitve programming
  • 7-day individual day and interval selection
  • 1min to 6hr long run time for low pressure systems
  • Double o-ring connections
  • Larger easy to press buttons
  • Large LCD display
  • Easy to read angle display
  • 2 year limited warranty


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