Water Tube 200mm

Water Tube 200mm

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Watering tubes offer a simple solution for delivering water directly to the plant root area. This efficient sub-surface watering technique eliminates evaporation from the sun & wind. In harsh environments, hard soils, & grass prone areas, it is difficult to provide water, oxygen and nutrients to the roots of a plant. Using water tubes for both new & existing plants, will overcome this difficulty.
The tube is basically a clear path for any nourishment to get below the grounds surface, before it starts to leach into the ground feeding any plants. Water Tubes can be filled with plant food, fertiliser or water retension crystals to slowly release these nutrients into the soil over time. Most commonly, an irrigation dripper will be fitted just under the cap & will provide a source of water into the tube so it can leach into the ground. Taking with it any nutrients.


Product Code: HA8513

INSTALLATION: First dig a hole for the water tube to be placed in.
This is normally positioned at the perimeter of the shrub or tree, near the edge of the foliage.
This is where the roots feed from, be aware not to damge the existing plant root system.
Sit the water tube vertically in the hole.
Height can depend on the specific environment.
Note the top part of the tube where it is larger, as this is often surrounded by mulch, leaving the cap flush with the ground.
Break up the surrounding soil around the tube, as this helps water penetrate into the ground more effectively.
Now your ready to water!

WATERING: Use any Holman 4mm drippers, (drippers not included), to sit inside the water tube as a water supply.
Holman recommends 7002H from the All-Terrain PC dripper range.
The drippers can either clip onto the tube or pass through the holes and hang inside the tube.
ALL the water will enter the tube.
If watering is faster than the absorbtion rate of the ground, the tube will fill and exit the slots in the top of the tube & continue to water under the mulch.
Holman recommends, slow release, water efficient watering practices.
Alternatively, the bigger hole in the side of the water tube allows 6mm drip line to be threaded through to apply water.
Install multiple tubes around established trees, approximately half way from trunk to the tree canopy edge.
This will allow water to penetrate the soil encouraging deep healthy root growth!