Solar Weather Centre

Solar Weather Centre

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The Solar Weather Centre combines the latest solar power technology with precise weather readings. Because weather plays such an important role in our lives, the first thing we check in the mornings is the weather. With the Solar Weather Centre you are given exact information about the wind speed & direction, wind chill, dew point, feel like, rain fall, barometric pressure, UV index, moon phase, indoor & outdoor humidity, indoor & outdoor temperature, min & max temperature and a weather forecaster. And because the outdoor unit is solar powered you will not have to worry about changing the batteries again.

What can it tell you about the weather?

  • Wind direction and speed.
  • UV index
  • Solar powered outdoor weather vane
  • Wind chill
  • Dew point
  • Temperature indoors and out, there’s a comfort zone with alarms possible when you improve into the discomfort zone.
  • Rain gauge
  • Barometric pressure with a history so you can see trends in this predictive measure
  • Solar-Weather-Station-Indoor-Unit
  • Humidity has a real role in human comfort this is shown for outside and indoors
  • Moon phases if you like to garden the lunar way
  • Digital clock
  • Forecasts are based on barometric pressure
  • History gives you information on the last 12 hours of humidity
  • Comfort indicator
  • Daily alarm if you need to do something at the same time every day like wake up for example. And yes there is a snooze button.


Product Code: WS5056C
Brand: Holman

  • Indoor & outdoor units:
    Wireless communication
  • Indoor base unit:
    Large, easy to read LCD
    Moon phases, weather forecasting + MORE!
  • Use batteries:
    2 x AA Batteries (not included)
  • Simple assembly:
    Quick set up time
  • Weather Vane:
    Wind speed, direction, rainfall & temperature
    Instruments fit on a single pole
  • Warranty: 1 Year


The UV Index on the Solar Weather Centre is between 1 – 11. This will differ from the weather bureau UV Index. For the UV Index reading on the Solar Weather Centre please refer to our scale below.



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