Seeding Dripper Pack - Vegetable

Seeding Dripper Pack – Vegetable

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The Vegetable & Seedling Dripper Pack gives you the PC drippers you need to ensure your crop, gets the right amount of water. This simple 4mm push together system, can be installed in minutes off an existing poly pipe watering system. Pressure Compensating Drippers (PC): This pack contains 10 x PC drippers which provide a constant and controlled drip rate for your seedlings. Each dripper emits a pre-set amount of water, regardless of the tap water pressure, distance from the tap or garden slope. This maximises water conservation while keeping healthy seedlings or vegetable patch.

Product Code: HA7035

10 x All-Terrain PC drippers
1 x 10 Metre Roll of 4mm flex tube
1 x 4mm Punch
10 x 4mm take-off adaptors

It’s never been easier to set up a drip system!

  1. Tap into an existing water supply line, either 13 or 19mm poly pipe, using the 4mm punch.
  2. Push in the take off adaptor & join one end of the 4mm tubing.
  3. Run the tubing to the plant and cut it to length. (Ideally length to be maximum 600mm)
  4. Push a dripper into the other end of the tube and locate at the base of the plant.
  5. Turn on your system to start watering!
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