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102638 13mm x 30M Scapeline™
102639 13mm x 100M Scapeline™.

Scapeline™ is a 13mm (ID) drip line irrigation system for applying precise amounts of water to large gardens and landscaped areas via integrally molded drippers that are installed during the tubes manufacture. NO NOZZLES REQUIRED! Use it to convert an existing spray system into a drip line system as it fits standard 13mm poly fittings. Installation can be above ground or under mulch. As a single connection, Scapeline’s larger diameter allows it to be run over long distances, run it up to 60 metres! Scapeline™ delivers a uniform water application & achieve’s substantial water savings. Existing Trees: Scapeline™ is great for running around existing trees to form a watering ring. This can simulate the drip line of the foliage and it applies water where is most effective.


Product Code: 102638

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