RPS75i - Plastic Gear Drive

RPS75i – Plastic Gear Drive

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The RPS 75i rotor is designed for residential and light commercial applications. This new addition to K-Rain’s line of rotors retains all of the features and benefits of the RPS75™ and delivers even more! To reduce the radius and distance in other rotors on the market, the nozzle must be changed or the break-up screw must be engaged. These steps limit the maximum reduction to 25% and cause uneven watering. With the RPS 75i, a simple turn of the patented Flow Shut-Off controls distance and water flow proportionately—up to 50%. The RPS 75i delivers even water distribution, eliminates dry spots and provides better zone performance while saving water. All of this in just one rotor—the right rotor for every landscape!
Product Code: RPS75i
Brand: K-Rain

  • 3/4″ Female Threaded NPT Inlet – Replaces all standard rotors
  • Direct replacement for Hunter® PGP®
  • Riser fits in existing Hunter® PGP® cans – Simply unscrew the existing riser from the PGP® can and replace with the RPS75 riser
  • Top Adjustment – No training necessary, the RPS75 has the same adjustment procedure as the Hunter® PGP®
  • Full and Part circle rotation – Provides a full range of adjustment from 40* to 360*
  • Universal adjustment tool – Compatible with existing Hunter® products
  • Rubber Cover – Seals out dirt and increases product durability
  • Wide Selection of Nozzles – Provides flexibility in system design
  • Inlet – 3/4” Female Threaded NPT
  • Reduce Distance by Reducing Flow Rate
  • Save Time on Every Project – New or Retrofit
  • Rugged RPS Family Construction
  • Conserves Water
  • Superior Uniformity
  • Fewer Zones Required
  • Improved Hydraulics
  • Arc Adjustment Range: 40° to 360°
  • Flow Range: .35 – 8.6 GPM
  • Pressure Rating: 30 – 70 PSI
  • Precipitation Rate: .124 – 2.0 in./hr.
  • Overall Height (Popped Down): 7 3/8″
  • Recommended Spacing: 25′ to 45′
  • Radius: 11′ to 51′
  • Nozzle Trajectory: 25°
  • Low Angle Nozzle Trajectory: 11°
  • Nozzles Included: 8 Standard, 4 Low Angle


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