Rotary Sled Sprinkler - Metal

Rotary Sled Sprinkler – Metal

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The rotary sprinkler is often used for watering sections of lawn or garden, at the one time. It has a maximum coverage of a six metre radius. To operate the sprinkler, simply click onto a standard 12mm hose connector and place in position before turning on. The stable metal base keeps the sprinkler in position until it’s time to be moved, easily sliding along the lawn to re-locate. The butterfly sprinkler heads delivers the water at a gentle even rate providing great coverage. Watering has never been so EASY!

Watering Tips:
1 – Time of the day: Watering is best done in the evening or early morning to overcome windy conditions & reduce evaporation.
2 – Watering Time (Duration): Use a Holman watering gauge to check how long it takes to apply approximately 10mm of water coverage. This is the ideal watering time.
3 – Watering Frequency: Watering frequency should be varied with the weather conditions. Do not water more than every second day.


Product Code: 7444H
Brand: Holman

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