RGB0606 Raised Garden Bed; 600mm × 600mm × 150mm

RGB0606 Raised Garden Bed; 600mm × 600mm × 150mm

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Raised Garden Beds are a longstanding gardening practice to ensure good drainage. With all the benefits of regular in-ground gardening, our Raised Garden Beds provide more control over weeds, less risk of soil compaction and no more pets and visitors walking through your garden!

The Holman modular system is easy to assemble with no tools or fixings required, and can be easily customised by connecting as many additional modules as you like without modifying your existing garden.

Our 600mm × 600mm × 150mm kit includes 4× slide panels, 4× pillars and a self contained irrigation system that plugs in to a standard hose connector.

To get the most out of your Raised Garden Bed, follow our blog post to Grow Your Own Vegetables.


Product Code: RGB0606
Size: 600mm × 600mm × 150mm
Soil volume: approx. 50L

Weight: 5.2kg
Packaging Dimensions: 110mm × 167mm × 600mm
Bunnings Fine Line: 3321774


  • 4× poles that can be secured to the ground using spikes. They also connect vertically using little connectors
  • 4× panels that interconnect via groove and tongue
  • Watering kit includes weeping hoses, 13mm poly pipe, hose connector
  • Wood composite material – termite & rust resistant
  • Easy installation – no tools, screws or bolts


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