Reclaimed Water 6 Outlet Valves - 6 Zone Operation

Reclaimed Water 6 Outlet Valves – 6 Zone Operation

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Reclaimed Water Distributing Valve: (or indexing valve) takes a water supply from one pipe & alternatively diverts it through different outlets. Each time the water supply is closed off, the valve will index around to the next outlet. Each time the system is started up, the valve will allow water to flow to a different section of the garden (station).
Alternating the water supply between stations is ideal for eliminating any build up of reclaimed water in any one location and avoids over watering of plants in the one garden bed. Only one station is watered at a time. The distributing valve is ideal where the available water supply, needs to reach the entire garden & landscaped areas. The valve will operate with flows as low as 30 litres per minute(lpm) and at pressures of 175kPa to 525kPa
The distributing valve offers a reliable, economical way to automate multiple zoned residential and small commercial reclaimed water systems. The simplicity of design and a minimum amount of moving parts ensures ease of maintenance and long service life.

Recommendation: Install an air release valve or vacuum breaker between the valve & the pump, at the highest point in the system. WARNING: DO NOT block or plug unused outlets. This will cause the pump to push against a closed head, causing pump to burn out. Connect unused outlets into an active watering station.


Product Code: VK6606RCW
Brand: KRain

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