Rain Gauge Wedge

Rain Gauge Wedge

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Your Rain Gauge Wedge measures rainfall in millimeters over a set period, usually 24 hours. The top of the gauge, has a larger surface area that tapers at the base of the wedge. The measurements are graduated with greater spacing between increments which allows for improved accuracy when measuring small amounts.


Product Code: RGW1001
Brand: Holman

  • UV Stablised for long life
  • Easy to read increments
  • Wedge shaped for measuring small rainfalls
  • Large opening for improved rainfall catchment
  • Gauge removable from bracket for checking measurements
  • ‘Rainfall Chart’ for tracking rainfall.



HRAttach the Rain Gauge to a post in a safe location where there will be no run off from trees or roofs.
The minimum distance is at least twice the distance away from the tallest structure. For best results, make sure the gauge is straight and vertical, and located as close to the ground as possible.

Recording Rainfall

RRecord results of the Rain Gauge at the same time every day. Water in the container will produce a curved surface, called a ‘meniscus’. Always take the reading from the base of the meniscus and at eye level.
For more accurate results, install the rain gauges in pairs at six meter spacings and record the average of the gauges. This reduces the effect of strong winds on your results. A rainfall chart is included for recording
your results.


My rain Gauge is not accurate?

  • The gauge needs to be mounted on a support or pole that doesn’t move or wobble.
    Flimsy poles, especially long ones, can move around in the wind. In certain circumstances, the wobbling motion can cause the bucket to tip, thereby falsely reporting rain.

  • The Rain gauge has a shallow funnel. Rain droplets, particularly large ones, are prone to splattering off the edge after hitting the funnel. In very heavy rain, the gauge may under report the amount of rain.
  • Ensure the collecting cup is free of debris, this can block the hole, if this happens water cannot drain into measuring cup.

How much does each tip measure?

  • It is 0.3mm per tip for WS3081,WS1000 and WS109A.
  • It is 0.8mm per tip for WS5029.

I have no reading for the Rain Gauge.

  • Check that the batteries are not flat and change if necessary.
  • Unplug from sensor and leave a few minutes, check that the terminals are clean and not rusty, then plug in again and reset.