PVC Vanstone Flange

PVC Vanstone Flange

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PVFVS80 80mm Vanstone Flange
PVFVS100 100mm Vanstone Flange
PVFSV150 150mm Vanstone Flange

PVC Vanstone Flange is glued onto pressure pipe to allow a bolt on end to the pipe system. Use to attach a pump or fitting. The Vanstone flange has a “swivel” flange so your able to rotate the flange once it is glued to align the mounting holes with the gasket & rigid flange on the other side of the connection. Watermark Certificate of Conformity As of 2nd February 2011 HOLMAN Industries are proud to be Watermark Certified – Level 1 – Evaluated to AS/NZS 1477 PVC Pipes and fittings for pressure applications – 2006.

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Product Code: PVFVS80