PVC Barrel Union

PVC Barrel Union

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PVU15 15mm Barrel Union
PVU20 20mm Barrel Union
PVU25 25mm Barrel Union
PVU32 32mm Barrel Union
PVU40 40mm Barrel Union
PVU50 50mm Barrel Union
PVU80 80mm Barrel Union
PVU100 100mm Barrel Union

PVC Barrel Union is used to break the line and allow access for maintenence. The locking nut can be unscrewed to allow a section of pipe or a fitting to be removed. Often a barrel union is used infront of a check valve or a pump to isolate it and to have the ability to break the line. Commonly used in irrigation or pool applications. Watermark Certificate of Conformity As of 2nd February 2011 HOLMAN Industries are proud to be Watermark Certified – Level 1 – Evaluated to AS/NZS 1477 PVC Pipes and fittings for pressure applications – 2006.

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Product Code: PVU15

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