Premium Adjustable Watering Pistol

Premium Adjustable Watering Pistol

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Holman’s hose end premium range consists of only high quality products! The Premium Adjustable Metal Pistol features a metal body covered in a high quality metallic painted finish. The handle area uses a non slip rubber grip which is also found on the trigger, This provides improved control with greater comfort and handling in wet conditions.

Using the watering gun is made simple with the long ergonomic trigger. This makes it easy to control the water flow. An extra flow control knob is available to increase or decrease the amount of water being delivered. The trigger also features a “self closing” action, so when it is released, the water flow shuts off to save water.

Spray Pattern: This watering pistol can be adjusted ANYWHERE between OFF to an ultra fine mist to a power jet! The strong brass nozzle also includes a non slip rubber grip. Enabling you to twist the nozzle whilst watering and change the angle of the water stream. Great for swapping between watering delicate plants to watering over a greater distance.


Product Code: 2921H