Portable Hose Reel

Portable Hose Reel

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Portable Hose Reel

Our Portable Hose Reel is a great addition to your garden. Keep your garden neat and tidy while watering, with the option of being able to take the reel around with you.

The Portable Hose Reel features an easy rewind handle and includes a 5-star kink resistant 15m hose with an adjustable spray nozzle and 12mm fittings.

The hose reel is compact making it easy to store and carry. It can be kept as portable or mounted to the wall.

The hose features 1000 kPa burst pressure and a 1-year product guarantee.


Portable Hose Reel

Brand: Holman
Product Code: 1300HF

5 Star Kink Resistance
1000 kPa Burst Pressure
12mm Fittings Included
1 Year Warranty

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