OzHose - 18mm x 18m

OzHose – 18mm x 18m

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18mm OzHose-garden-hose

The Holman 18mm x 18m OzHose Garden Hose is manufactured in Australia and has been designed specifically for Australian weather and gardens.
The Holman OzHose range is the only hose range in Bunnings that has been designed and made in Australia.
A feature of the OZHose garden hose is the crimped brass fittings that cannot blow off the Hose.


18mm OzHose-garden-hose

Brand: Holman
Product Code: OZH1818F

Available Sizes:
18 Metre x 18mm

7 Star Kink Resistance
1000 kPa Burst Pressure
Brass Fittings Included
UV Protected
Braided Reinforced
6 Year Warranty