Misting System

Misting System

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Misting Systems

Misting Kit

The Holman Misting System is designed for the hot Australian summers. It is perfect to cool down patios, recreation & pet areas. The Misting System is also ideal for watering greenhouses because the super fine spray does not damage your plants or seedlings. Due to a super easy installation, you have the Misting System up and running within a few minutes.

The Holman Misting Systems are fully expandable if you are looking for an infinite solution for cooling down your entertainment area. If you need more misting around your entertainment are you can simply expand your Misting System using the individual parts. It is super easy to install and it is the simplest way to escape the heat.

To achieve the best misting results we recommend you use a Misting Timer. This will setup your misting system to burst cooling misting in intervals without soaking you wet.

misting kits

Misting Kit Patio

The Holman Misting Kit is fantastic at keeping your outdoor entertaining area cool during summer. The misting kit can reduce your outdoor area temperature by up to 10 degrees.
The misting system cools the air temperature by evaporating small water particles that are emitted from the brass nozzles. The kit includes an auto drain valve that ensures no drips when the mist is switched off.
Our Misting Kits are available in two sizes, 7m and 20m. Both kits come can be expanded by using individual parts to best fit your outdoor area.

Misting Kit Greenhouse

Greenhouses are perfect to grow plants from seeds, greenhouses work well with covers to ensure humidity and warmth on cooler days. To keep the plants protected during their growth period the cover should remain on the greenhouse. The most efficient way to water plants in a Greenhouse is with our Misting Kit. The Holman Misting Kit sits inside the greenhouse and will automatically water your seeds for you.

To germinate seeds and stimulate growth the plant soil needs to remain moist. The fine mist from our Misting System provides continual light watering which encourages good growth and consistent moisture around the growing roots.

To provide the greenhouse with accurate and consistent watering Holman Misting Kit should be paired with a Holman Tap Timer, this allows multiple starts per day and maintains short, sharp bursts of mist to give your greenhouse a high moisture environment.

7 Metre Misting Kit


The 7 Metre Misting Kit gives you everything you need to set up your Misting System and escape the heat. The installation is super easy so you do not need to be a handyman to transform your patio area to a great entertainment area during the hot summer months.

The 7 Metre Misting Kit contains:

  • 7 Metre of Misting Hose
  • 15 x Hose Clamps with Masonry
  • 5 x Misting Tees
  • 1 x Misting Elbow
  • 5 x Brass & Stainless Steel Misting Nozzles
  • 1 x Tee Connector
  • 1 x Elbow Connector
  • 1 x Misting Filter
  • 1 x Misting Adaptor
  • 1 x Auto Drain Valve

Product code: MK21013

20 Metre Deluxe Kit

MK21015-Misting System Deluxe Kit

The 20 Metre Deluxe Kit is perfect if you need to install a bigger Misting System for your entertainment area. With the Deluxe kit you get everything you need to set up a misting system.

The 20 Metre Deluxe Kit contains:

  • 20 Metre of Misting Hose
  • 30 x Hose Clamps with Masonry
  • 19 x Misting Tees
  • 3 x Misting Elbow
  • 20 x Brass & Stainless Steel Misting Nozzles
  • 3 x Tee Connector
  • 3 x Elbow Connector
  • 1 x Misting Filter
  • 1 x Misting Tap Adaptor
  • 1 x Auto Draining Valve
  • 1 x Pipe Cutter

Product code: MK21015


Misting System Overview

Misting Parts

A great way of expanding your Misting System is by using these misting parts. This gives you the ultimate flexibility to build your misting system exactly the way you want.

Part No.:
MS20001 – Universal Misting Tap Adaptor
MS20002 – Misting Compression Tee
MS20003 – Misting Compression Elbow
MS20004 – Threaded Misting Tee with Jet
MS20005 – Threaded Misting Elbow with Jet
MS20006 – Mounting Clip with Masonry Nail
MS20007 – 5M Misting Tube
MS20008 – 60cm Pre-Cut Misting Tube
MS20009 – Brass & Stainless Steel Misting Jet
MS20010 – Brass Anti Drain Valve
MS20011 – Pipe Cutter
MS20012 – Misting Filter
MS20013 – Misting Joiner

Misting Timer

The next generation of tap mounted automatic timers. This product provides easy to install and easy to use solutions for watering misting kits, vertical gardens, green houses & systems requiring multiple starts with a delay function. No plumber or electrician required. Battery operated and featuring low energy use with patented eco friendly battery life monitoring and display.

CO3009-Misting Timer
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