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102636 6mm x 25m Miniscape™ Drip line.
102637 6mm x 100m Miniscape™ Drip line.

Miniscape™ Drip Line Irrigation is a 6mm (ID) drip line irrigation system for applying precise amounts of water to small garden areas & pots via integrally molded drippers that are installed during the tubes manufacture. NO NOZZLES REQUIRED! Use it to convert an existing spray system into a drip line system as it can be installed above ground or under mulch. Run it up to 15 metres as a single connection or 30 metres when fed back into the line to form a closed loop. Miniscape™ delivers a uniform water application & achieves substantial water savings! Existing Trees: Miniscape™ is great for running around existing trees to form a watering ring. This can simulate the drip line of the foliage and it applies water where is most effective.


Product Code: 102636

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