Metal Spray Head - 360 Degree

Metal Spray Head – 360 Degree

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Holman’s range of Metal Spray Heads offer a tough & reliable sprinkler system for your garden. Made from a die cast metal body, this spray head is built to suit the Australian environment. The 360° metal spray head easily screws onto a 1/2″ rigid riser, this sprinkler will evenly water any garden beds. The robust metal body offer great durability and withstands all weather applications.

The spray head is very reliable. It can adjust from OFF to the maximum spray radius by simply twisting the nozzle. The plastic cone gives great water coverage with a spray radius range between 3.5 to 4.5 metres depending on water pressure & irrigation system.

To connect, simply screw the metal spray head onto any of the metal spikes from the range. In established gardens, use a 200mm extension riser, to elevate spray heads over folliage or give better coverage in and around garden beds or landscapes. Holman’s Metal Spikes & Spray Heads are available at professional irrigation stores, all leading retailers, including Bunnings.

Product Code: SH2704
Brand: Holman

  • 15mm (1/2″ bsp) female thread fits onto sprinkler base, spike or riser
  • Durable diecast metal and stainless steel construction
  • Full circle (360°)
  • Radius 2m to 3m
150 – 201.53.5
350 – 4024.5
414 – 602.55
551 – 8035.5


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