Metal Hose Reel Cart - Fitted 12mm x 15m Hose

Metal Hose Reel Cart – Fitted 12mm x 15m Hose

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This metal hose cart, is a terrific hose storage unit. The cart is suited to all sorts of garden sizes, small to large. It has a maximum capacity for storing up to 50 metres of 12mm garden hose. It’s full metal construction is ideal for storing & using 18mm garden hose.

Brass Connections: The cart is equipped with brass connections at both the inlet & outlet snap on connection. Each of these “swivel” to help align the hose to the reel, and also as it wraps around the reel. The swivel avoids any unwanted kinking of the hose.

Portable: The cart includes an easy to use handle, & tough wheels to make this unit very portable. Easily wind up your hose & wheel away to conveniently store away. Tough: Made from durable materials including a strong metal hose reel, metal handle & body, tough wheels, brass hose connection and a rubber reel handle. All provide the cart with reliable features.

Hose Extension: The cart includes a short 12mm section of hose, this allows you to connect your garden hose to the cart. This first section of hose allows the first part of the hose to wrap around the reel WITHOUT kinking & neatly wind up! Holman’s Hose Carts are available nationally at Bunnings.


Product Code: 1160H

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