Manual Tap Timer - CO0001

Manual Tap Timer – CO0001

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The Holman Mechanical Tap Timer fits to a standard garden tap and times the water flow to any garden hose or watering system connected. This timer allows you to have unattended watering for a time less than 2 hours. For larger gardens, you can transform the single outlet timer to have multiple outlets. Simply attach a Y connector, 2 or 4 outlet manifold to create more stations.

Construction: The timer uses high quality U.V. resistant plastics for the external components and great reliability.
Full Colour Retail Packaging: This timer is supplied tied to a full colour hang sell packaging card including a barcode.


  1. Screw inlet securely onto a garden tap.
  2. Use either as a single outlet or with a Y connector.
  3. Connect garden hose or poly pipe fittings to the outlet(s).
  4. PUSH IN LEVER underneath the dial before turning to the required watering time, time will start immediately.
  5. Turn on the tap. Warning: Not to be used in freezing conditions before winter or snow. Timer should be removed from the tap to avoid the unit from freezing.
Setting Time & Manual Over Ride: To set the timer, you need to PUSH IN THE LEVER underneath the selection dial BEFORE TURNING THE DIAL. This releases the lock & you can set your nominated run time. The dial can be turned to any other run time while in this mode, use to either increase or decrease the programmed time. The timer will continue to count down to off & the lever will unlatch in the OFF position. To change to manual setting, again PUSH IN THE LEVER before turning dial to manual. To turn the timer OFF, simply turn the dial from any position to OFF.
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