Impact Sprinkler Head - Plastic

Impact Sprinkler Head – Plastic

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The NEW Impact Sprinkler from Holman is a tough & robust Impact sprinkler which is built for harsh environments and along with great reliability, this sprinkler offers trouble free operation. To install, simply screw the sprinkler into a sprinkler base, riser tube or hose end spike to attach. The O-ring seal makes installation quick & simple, eliminating the need for messing around with any teflon seal tape. The maximum spray radius is equal to 12 metres long. Great for covering all types of gardens & landscapes.

Impact Sprinkler

Two methods can be used to adjust the spray pattern.
1. Part Circle Coverage
Push the trip lever into the DOWN position then adjust the friction collars to the required spray pattern boundaries.

2. Full Circle Coverage Lift the trip lever to the UP position and the sprinkler will water a full 360°

The diffuser pin has two functions.
1. To create maximum throw distance with a solid stream of water, ensure the diffuser pin is wound out.
2. To create a shorter throw distance, screw the diffuser pin into the water stream, this will interrupt the flow causing a mist type spray.
3. Deflector Shield: Using the arrows as a guide, turn the distance control knob on top of the sprinkler to either min or max to suit your application.


Water Pressure (Psi) Water Volume (LPM) Radius (M)
20 11.2 8.3
40 14.25 10.1
60 16.76 12.1
80 20.5 13.3
Product Code: SH2100
Brand: Holman

  • 15mm (1/2″ bsp) male thread fits onto sprinkler base, spike or riser
  • Durable high-impact plastic and stainless steel construction
  • Deflector ensures even water distribution
  • Full or part circle adjustment
Pressure Radius Discharge
150 – 20 8.8 12.5
200 – 25 10.9 15.9
250 – 30 11.9 19.0
350 – 40 12.5 21.3