iCount Flow Meter Counter

iCount Flow Meter Counter

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This product is no longer available in stores.

Measure the amount of water you use with this innivative new watering flow meter counter. Allows you to have much greater control over how much water you use in your garden. Now you can watch the digital flow meter counting up to the desired amount before you cut the flow, saving precious water.

When water starts to go through the water meter, both counters will measure flow synchronously.
To zero out the top digits press the ‘Clear’ button.
When the water next flows through the meter the top digits will start from zero and the bottom set will measure the total water used in this session.
To zero out both sets of digits press the ‘Reset’ button.
This will clear all measured data allowing you to start counting from zero.

Switching Measurements:
Hold ‘Clear’ button for 3 seconds, when the black spot appears press ‘Reset’ to select GAL or LIT.
Press ‘Clear’ again to lock in selection. The HOLMAN iCount Digital Flow Meter Counter is convenient, SAVES WATER and is the best choice for the modern gardener.


Product Code: 2950H