Hose Connector - Grip'n'Lock Technology

Hose Connector – Grip’n’Lock Technology

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Grip'n'Lock Hose Fittings

Most hose fittings do not connect to the hose properly. To overcome this some manufacturers have resorted to permanent hose fittings that are machine fitted to the hose. Unfortunately these are not re-usable.
Holman has solved the problem of hoses pulling out or leaking from fittings. The new fittings with “Grip’N’Lock Technology” ensure the hose connection is strong and leak-free. Plus you have the great flexibility to remove and re-use the fittings.

More quality Australian Design & Innovation.



Product Code: 6511H

• Connect or disconnect the fitting with the lock mechanism
• Longer tail and sharper barb for the best hose connection
• Higher compression due to new engineered, separate olive with sharp teeth
• Advanced design & engineering allows the separate olive to clamp tightly on the hose & compress the hose behind the barb on the fitting spigot