GreenWall - Vertical Gardening

GreenWall – Vertical Gardening

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The Holman GreenWall is an engineered platform that is designed to make hanging or vertical gardens easy to set up and maintain in an Australian yard, even if that is now an apartment balcony.

GreenWalls or living walls have been known since the Hanging Gardens of Babylon before the birth of Christ. The gardens of today tend to have small footprints but lots of walls. These offer many possibilities for home gardeners to bring living greenery back into our lives.

GreenWall will allow you to transform a wall into a lovely growing space. The system is simple to set up and most importantly incorporates a pre-installed irrigation system.

This vertical garden unit enables you to grow a herb or vegetable garden near your kitchen, to beautify indoor spaces and patio areas make a colourful and welcoming entry statement for your home.

Australia’s harsh summers mean that watering is the key to successfully growing vertical gardens. Holman has designed the GreenWall garden panel that makes a stable platform from which you can hang pots but it also has an integrated professional watering system that delivers controlled amounts of water into each individual pot, through the use of Pressure Compensating drippers.

How to Project


With summer approaching it is time to get your outdoor entertainment area ready. Our GreenWall range will bring an eye-catching design to your entertainment area along with the option of having an edible GreenWall right next to your BBQ. You can have fresh rosemary on your lamb chops or marjoram and oregano on your chicken. The possibilities are endless to spice up your next BBQ with a Holman GreenWall.

Our Holman GreenWall range is the new way to garden. Apartment balconies do not have sufficient space for a large garden and block sizes are getting smaller. Our solution to still incorporating a lush contemporary garden into your home is to grow on the wall!

With the Holman GreenWall range you no longer have to dig holes in the ground or lay brickwork around your garden bed. Our GreenWalls deliver all the benefits of normal gardening along with grand design freedom. The GreenWall range is also modular so you can expand horizontally or vertically to create your customised design.

Our GreenWall range offers different shapes, sizes and different pot configurations allowing you to grow herbs, vegetables or flowers. All of our GreenWall products are DIY friendly and can be completed within an hour depending on your design ideas. It is now easy to have a vibrant GreenWall in your home.

Discover the endless possibilities of Vertical Gardening with Holman GreenWall products that can be used to build an edible green wall, a feature wall using exotic native plants or both!



Product Code: GW1001
Brand: HOLMAN GreenWall
Dimensions: 600mm x 360mm per panel
Patent in Australia No. 2013201927


  • Fully Integrated watering system.
  • Connect multiple GreenWalls together then simply attach a hose to water all your pots simultaneously.
  • Uses 8 convenient pots & clever adjustable drippers.
  • Simply add your own plants or flowers to create beautiful displays.
  • Full colour retail packaging (barcoded) with comprehensive instructions.
  • Hang & Grow in 30 minutes.