GreenWall - Slim Wall Mounted Planting Kit

GreenWall – Slim Wall Mounted Planting Kit

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Turn your wall into a living garden by creating a lush oasis of herbs, vegetables, flowers or ferns. It will bring any wall to life, creating endless possibilities, alfresco areas, patios and balconies, imagine a wall in your outdoor kitchen with fresh herbs at arms reach. A complete watering kit is included with a dripper to each pot.


Product Code: GW1006
Brand: HOLMAN GreenWall
Dimensions: 198mm x 535mm per panel


  • Fully Integrated watering system.
  • Connect multiple GreenWalls together then simply attach a hose to water all your pots simultaneously.
  • Uses 6 convenient pots & clever adjustable drippers.
  • Simply add your own plants or flowers to create beautiful displays.
  • Full colour retail packaging (barcoded) with comprehensive instructions.
  • Hang & Grow in 30 minutes.