GreenWall - Freestanding Benchtop Vertical Planting Kit

GreenWall – Freestanding Benchtop Vertical Planting Kit

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GW1008 GreenWall Slim Wall Mounted Vertical Planting Kit

Holman Freestanding Benchtop Vertical Planting Kit is a perfect accompany to any kitchen or small outdoor space.

Organic lifestyle and incorporating plant-based ingredients into our diet is becoming increasingly popular. Holman freestanding Benchtop is perfect to grow your favourite herbs, allowing you to use fresh ingredients grown from home in your cooking every day!

Holman Freestanding Benchtop is easy to assemble and requires minimal effort to maintain. The kit includes an integrated watering system, removing the hassle of manual watering and includes an inbuilt watering tray that catches any excess water.

The kit includes 8 individual pots that can separately be removed, you can lift up the pot you require and cut the herb straight into your cooking. Once finished, be adventurous and plant a different herb!



Product Code: GW1008
Brand: HOLMAN GreenWall
Dimensions: 290mm x 420mm per panel


  • Fully Integrated watering system
  • Inbuilt Collection Tray for no mess watering
  • Smart Compact Unit ideal for Apartments
  • 8 Individual Pots for Herbs or small plants
  • Full colour retail packaging (barcoded) with comprehensive instructions.