Dripscape PC ND

Dripscape PC ND

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PD1350PC 13mm x 50M Dripscape™ PC ND
PD13100PC 13mm x 100M Dripscape™ PC ND
PD13200PC 13mm x 200M Dripscape™ PC ND

Dripscape™ PC ND is a subsurface 13mm (ID) drip line irrigation system for supplying precise amounts of water to lawns & garden areas. The water is supplied via calibrated drippers within the tube, each of these are spaced every 300mm. The drippers are installed at the time of the tube’s manufacture and they are permanently inside the tube. NO EXTRA NOZZLES REQUIRED! Each dripper has Pressure Compensating & No Drain features which allow the drip line to best suit sub-surface installation. Pressure Compensating (PC): The PCND drip line can allow for fluctuating water pressures. Each dripper has a fine diaphragm inside it to regulate & maintain a CONSTANT water flow, whilst experiencing variable inlet pressures. No Drain: The PCND drip line allows the water to stay within the tube when the pressure is turned off. This “No Drain” feature prevents debris from being sucked back into the pipe and therefore eliminating blocking the outlet. It can be installed on the soil surface or covered with mulch to irrigate garden areas, although the PCND is ideally suited to sub-surface installations.


Product Code: PD1350PC/PD13100PC/PD13200PC

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