Digital Thermometer & Clock

Digital Thermometer & Clock

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The new iWeather™ digital thermometer is just part of the Holman range of products to measure environmental data. This unit measures the inside & outside temperature on a large easy to read LCD display. The display also shows a clock all the time & date calendar can be accessed by a push of a button. You can also swap between Celsius or Fahrenheiht to suit your preference. This modern unit is most suited to sit on a desk, table or window sill, as it has a simple pull out stand to hold the unit up.

Product Code: WS0321
Brand: Holman


My Weather Station has dropped out and is not receiving or from the outside unit.

Please try and do a complete reset by taking out the batteries from both units and then leaving them out for about five minutes. Replace batteries and start from again. It is a good idea to replace batteries at the same time. Ensure you are using good quality Alkaline or Lithium batteries, not rechargeable, the only model that will use rechargeable batteries is WS1000. If this does not work and it drops out again, it could be interference, not between the two units but in the airwaves. All remote control devices work on 433mhz sending out a pulse, sometimes there may be something in the area that is on the same pulse rate and causes interference which will cause it to drop out. It is not common for this to happen but if it does you will need to return unit if still under warranty and replace for another unit, if it is not under warranty we have the sensor unit available for sale.

How do I reset my Weather Station

Please refer to instruction manual.

Barometric pressure is reading lower than it should.

This will be because you are in an area that is above sea level, for every 1000ft above sea level you lose 20 bar. The barometer reads the local air pressure. If you read your barometer at your house on a mountain top and then carry the barometer down to the bottom of the mountain it will read a higher pressure. But, since the barometer is for predicting weather you are mostly interested in whether the reading is higher or lower than it was yesterday and it doesn’t matter that the pressure you are seeing isn’t the actual ‘sea level air pressure’.

Can I use Lithium Batteries?

Yes you can. We suggest using good quality Alkaline or Lithium batteries, not rechargeable, the only model that can use rechargeable batteries is WS1000.

My wind speed anemometer is not spinning.

It could be the bearing has an obstuction, pull top off and spray bearing with lubricant. If this does work, it could be seized and needs to be replaced.

One my wind cups are broken can I buy a replacement anemometer?

Yes, please contact our Customer Service on 1300 716 188.

Can I buy spare parts?

Yes, we have a range of spare parts for all our Weather Stations. Please call our Customer Service on 1300 716 188 for pricing and availability.
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