Digital Tap Timer - CO3005

Digital Tap Timer – CO3005

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Holman Digital Tap Timer is designed to make your watering schedule effortless. The most important component of an irrigation system is the irrigation controller. Holman Digital Tap Timer has a low energy, eco-friendly battery that operates the monitoring and display system.

The Digital Tap Timer connects to a standard garden tap and has a watering duration from 1 minute up to 12 hours and 59 minutes in 1-minute intervals. The Digital Tap Timer includes a 7-day watering calendar with individual day selection and can be scheduled to start watering up to 4 times per day.

An irrigation system plays an important role in the success of growing your garden, without a system in place you could potentially loose plants, or jeopardise their health. Holman Digital Tap Timer times the flow of water to your irrigation system, ensuring that your garden receives the correct amount of water.

Your garden can still nourish while you are at work, or away, by setting your watering schedule into Holman Digital Tap Timer.



Product Code: CO3005
Brand: Holman

  • 20 & 25mm Tap connections (US tap threads available).
  • Easy programming using 6 buttons and large LCD Display.
  • AM / PM clock.
  • Watering duration from 1 minute to 12 hours 59 minutes in 1 minute intervals.
  • 7 Day watering calendar.
  • 4 start times per day.
  • Pre set programme of 5 minutes watering every day.
  • Electronic battery monitoring that provides constant reading of battery strength.
  • Five part battery strength indication – 4, 3, 2, 1 bar and then lashing one bar on close down.
  • Low battery auto lock out to ensure the timer cannot open unless it can close.
  • Low energy use (less than 20 micro amps in standby mode) ensures long battery life.
  • Easy manual operations – Start and Stop buttons.
  • Rain mode easily accessed by holding the OFF key for 3 seconds.
  • High water flow at normal water pressures.
  • High strength tap connection and easy removal via spring clip.
  • Pressure Rating: 600kPa



• Flow rate up to 24 lpm at 2 Bar (6.3 US gpm at 30psi)
• Temperature Range : 40 Deg F to 125 Deg F (3 Deg C to 50 Deg C)
• Operating Pressure 0.6 – 6 Bar (9 Psi to 87 Psi)
• Power source : 9 Volt Alkaline Battery – (Not included).
• Power consumption 20 micro amps in standby mode.



Can I set it for Individual Days

  • Yes you can, but you can but you can set an individual program per day, you can only have the same watering time set for all starts.
  • eg: Monday Tuesday and Friday you can set to water for 10 minutes and set four different start times but only for that duration and only on those days.

Do they operate on a solenoid valve or a Ball Valve?

  • They operate on a solenoid valve, however we do a timer that is branded under the Aqua Systems label and available in Bunnings that is operated by a ball valve, the code is CO1905AS.

What is the minimum operating pressure, will it run off a tank?

  • Operating Pressure is 0.6 – 9.8 bar, and it will not be suitable for gravity fed tanks, however we do a timer that is available in Bunnings operated by a ball valve and is suitable for gravity fed tanks, the code is CO1603.

My tap timer makes a funny noise and does not open.

    If that is the case please try the following recommended solutions:

  • If you are running a low-pressure drip system, you need to install an Air Release Valve (102646) at the highest point of your system and above your drippers.
    This breaks this the air in the drip line and allows to suck in air through the air release valve and prevents the drippers from blocking due to dirt.
    This also allows for the diaphragm to work properly.
  • 5-Step-Guide-8pg-Brochure