Dial EZY Gardener RSR Controller

Dial EZY Gardener RSR Controller

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CRS1554PR DialEZY Gardener, 4 Station Irrigation Controller
CRS1556PR DialEZY Gardener, 6 Station Irrigation Controller
CRS1558PR DialEZY Gardener, 8 Station Irrigation Controller

Designed for residential and light commercial applications, the DialEZY Gardener has two individual programs to allow for efficient watering of turf, and garden areas on separate watering schedules.

Rain Sensor Ready™™ (RSR™): A key feature of this unit is the inclusion of Holman’s Rain Sensor Ready (RSR™™) technology. It allows the controller to accept a rain sensor with the information going straight into the electronics. NOT just cutting the common to all valves!

RSR™™ offers “individual station selection” for ultimate sensor control. This allows undercover areas to be continued to be watered on your designated watering days, whilst weather effected areas, can have the sensor controlling the watering and eliminate any over watering.

The sensor is easily installed via wiring directly into the internal blocks marked “C” & “R” and MUST be installed. If you need any assistance, please call our Holman customer service number on (08 9204 1011).

The controller door also has provision to be locked via a padlock (not included). This maybe needed for privacy or to prevent any vandalism. The door is often packaged unassembled. This easily clicks into place & MUST be installed at all times.


Product Code: CRS1554PR

  • 4, 6 and 8 Station models
  • 2 Fully independent programs
  • 4 Starts per prog (Max 8 starts a day)
  • Station run times up to 12 hrs 59 mins
  • Complies to ANY Water Restrictions!
  • Rain switch feature – Rain Sensor Ready™
  • Large wiring terminals (easy connection)
  • Quick setting dial & navigation buttons
  • Large easy to read LCD display
  • Suspend auto watering for up to 240 hrs
  • Programming over lap between stations
  • Full view blister style packaging (Barcoded)
Dial EZY Gardener Controller RSR – Programming Video

Download the Manual for the CO1444 / CO1446 Pro 469 Irrigation Controller