Brass Butterfly Sprinkler - Brass Spinner

Brass Butterfly Sprinkler – Brass Spinner

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Holman’s range of brass spray heads offer a tough & reliable sprinkler system for your garden. Made completely from cast brass, this spray head is built to suit the Australian environment. Equipped with a stainless steel shaft running on a ball bearing, this butterfly spray head is very reliable. The brass butterfly gives great water coverage with a spray radius range between 4 to 6 metres depending on water pressure & irrigation system.

To connect, simply screw the brass spray head onto any of the metal spikes from the range. In established gardens, use a 200mm extension riser, to elevate spray heads over folliage or give better coverage in and around garden beds or landscapes. Holman’s Metal Spikes & Spray Heads are available at professional irrigation stores, all leading retailers, including Bunnings.

Product Code: SH2700
Brand: Holman

Pressure Radius Discharge
150 – 20 4 12.5
350 – 40 6.5 21.5
414 – 60 7.5 28
551 – 80 8 35