Bluetooth Tap Timer - CO3015

Bluetooth Tap Timer – CO3015

Tap Timers
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Holman presents to you, the Smart Control gardener range. An ever increasing range of garden watering and irrigation control equipment that are controllable via your Smart Phone. In both iOS and Android formats.
iWater™ watering control products allow you to use your Smart Phone to control all the programming and interface functions on your tap timers or irrigation controllers.
Download the App at no cost and you will soon have total control of your garden watering.


The Holman Water App allows you to run up to 8 tap timers.
These tap timers will automatically WATER SEQUENTIALLY once they are programmed via your smart-phone or tablet. This means that tap timer No 1 will water first and when the allotted time is run it will switch off and tap timer No 2 will open up. This continues until all tap timers programmed on the App are run.


Brand: Holman
Product Code: CO3015
Battery: 9V Alkaline




Before you connect the App with the tap timer, you need to insert a 9V alkaline battery in the tap timer unit.
iWater™ is very easy to setup. Make sure Bluetooth is turned on in your phone settings. Simply select the tap timer number and adjust the watering days, run time and start time(s) on your phone and the tap timer will work out the rest.

1.) Download the App. Please visit the App Store or Google Play and search for “Holman Water”. You will be able to download the Holman App directly off the App Store or Google Play. You need to have an Apple account to have access to the store. The Holman App is free.

2.) Select the required Bluetooth device. Tap Timer zone option. Once you’ve loaded the Holman App you are given the option to choose between different Bluetooth device. Select your Tap Timer model to be able to set the settings to the correct Tap Timer.


3.) Designate your Tap Timer to one zone nos. 1-8. Open the program page and set your requirements for 1 or up to 8 Tap Timers.
For the App to work correctly you will need to assign the Tap Timer to one station.
Connecting the Tap Timer with the App.
Dial the knob to the designated zone.
When you hit “Connect” on your smart-phone a list of tap timers will show and also indicate the zone number in the blue box near the tap timer

  Download Manual: CO3015 Bluetooth® Tap Timer
  View Manual: CO3015 Bluetooth® Tap Timer