All-Terrain PC Dripper

All-Terrain PC Dripper

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HA7002 2lph, All-Terrain PC Dripper, Qty 10
HA7004 4lph, All-Terrain PC Dripper, Qty 10
HA7008 8lph, All-Terrain PC Dripper, Qty 10
HA7029 2lph, All-Terrain PC Dripper, Landscaper pack, Qty 25
HA7030 4lph, All-Terrain PC Dripper, Landscaper Pack, Qty 25
HA7031 8lph, All-Terrain PC Dripper, Landscaper Pack, Qty 25

The All-Terrain PC Drippers allows responsible amounts of water for garden irrigation. Each dripper emits upto a pre-set amount of water per hour, providing great water saving irrigation for the garden. It’s never been easier to set up a drip irrigation system! What is Pressure Compensating (PC)? Pressure Compensating, commonly known as “PC”, is a technique that provides a constant pre-set drip rate to watering systems. Regardless of varying water pressure, slope of the landscape, distance from the tap/water source or height of drippers on the same mainline. PC ensures all the drippers perform equally. Suitable for long distances: The primary purpose of PC drippers is to have equal performa the dripper to flush clean every time it is used. Water Saving : The regulated discharge of water through a PC dripper allows you to water your garden the ‘Smart & economical’ way.

Now that’s Smart watering!


Product Code: HA7002, HA7004, HA7008