4mm inline Drippers

4mm inline Drippers

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HA4002 – Inline Drippers, Calibrated – 2lph
HA4004 – Inline Drippers, Calibrated – 4lph

Inline Drippers provide a consistent pre-set flow rate. Never again, worry about adjusting irrigation drippers to “ALL” emit the same amount. These hassle free drippers are great for pots, hanging baskets and weaving through small garden beds. With such precise & controlled watering, they allow you to use responsible amounts of water in your garden.

Checklist: To set up a 4mm drip system, the following items are required: a Pressure Reducer, Filter, 4mm Punch, 4mm Flex Tube, 4mm Fittings, Universal Poly Pipe Cutter (optional) and Water Tubes (optional).

Colour Coded Flow Rates: The pre-set flow rates are colour coded with 2lph (litres per hour) = Red and 4lph = Black.
This quick reference helps identify the best dripper for your watering application. These colours integrate with the many different plant types and watering requirements, refer to the basic watering planner as a general guide. Mix & match both size drippers along the one line to provide the best watering for your plants & maintain a healthy garden! Now That’s Smart Watering!

Disclaimer: The recommended pre-set drip rate assumes a 15 minute watering time to estimate the required garden watering for different plant types. Most gardens are different & ‘ALL’ variables should be considered. Such as: Soil type, Mulch, Temperature and distance from the plant.


Product Code: HA4002, HA4004

The inline drippers simply push together using 4mm flex tubing.
The 4mm barb seals inside the tubing, with “NO” clamps required!
For best results, install the inline drippers under mulch and at a maximum run length of 5 metres of 4mm flex tubing.
The 4mm flex tube should run to all your plants, cutting tubing where each dripper needs to be located.
Then looped back into the main water supply line to connect.
For areas where more water is needed, like bigger trees or certain soils types, use more drippers and create a string of drippers around a tree or shrub.
Even mixing different dripper flow rates to best suit a specific plant type.

Now that’s ‘Smart’ Watering!

Note: Inline drippers are not suitable for long distances.