18mm Metal Fire Nozzle

18mm Metal Fire Nozzle

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Holman’s hose end range also consists of high quality 18mm products! The Fire Nozzle features a high quality rubber nozzle with a handle using a non slip rubber grip, providing greater comfort and handling in wet conditions.

Spray Pattern: This Fire Nozzle has an easy to use twist action to adjust ANYWHERE between OFF to a cone pattern, then onto a power jet! Great for swapping between watering applications and changing the watering distance. Eg: Fighting fires or cleaning applications.

Protect your home this summer with a Holman fire nozzle! This simple domestic 18mm size nozzle can used in conjunction with an 18mm hose for those applications where large volumes of water are required.


Product Code: 3708H


  • Fire nozzle style spray pattern
  • Nozzle features NON slip rubber grip
  • Fully rubberised metal body
  • High quality product
  • Full colour retail packaging (Barcoded)
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