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Our range of irrigation controllers provide a level of watering management that is second to none.

With residential Dial Ezy units available for the enthusiast, and dedicated Holman Pro+ models, we have every application covered.

On the forefront of our innovations, look no further than our Smart Irrigation Controllers, powered by Bluetooth® technology and smartphone controlled via our iGardener™ app, available from the App Store and Google Play.

BTX6 Indoor 6 Zone Controller

Paired with the free iGardener™ app, our BTX6 Indoor Controller gives you the option to individually configure 6 zones via a wireless Bluetooth® connection. With easy scheduling, multiple starts and 23+ hour run-times, the BTX6 provides outstanding control over your watering system.

BTX8 Outdoor 8 Zone Controller

The ultimate in Bluetooth® powered irrigation control. With the free iGardener™ app, take full control of up to 8 zones with individual scheduling options, 23+ hour run-times and multiple starts.

Dial Ezy Indoor Controller

Available in a 4 and 6 station configuration, this controller is designed for residential applications, has four separate start times and each station can be assigned to a maximum of four starts per day.

CO44044 station
CO44066 station

Dial Ezy Plus

The new generation of irrigation controllers that feature the latest micro-processor technology. Advanced features include current sensing and station skip, permanent memory of all programmed information and low current back up battery.

CO12466 station

Dial Ezy Gardener 4 Station Controller

Designed for residential and light commercial applications, this controller has two individual programs to allow for efficient watering of turf, and garden areas on separate watering schedules.

CRS1554PR4 station

Dial Ezy Gardener 6 Station Controller

With two individual programs for efficient watering, this controller is ideal for residential or light commerical turf and garden areas.

CRS1556PR6 station

Designed for residential applications, the PRO46 has four individual programs with four starts per program, equalling a maximum of sixteen starts per day.

CO1444 – 4 station
CO1446 – 6 station

Designed for residential and light commercial applications this controller has three individual programs to allow for efficient watering of turf and garden areas.

CRS3344 – 4 station
CRS3346 – 6 station
CRS3349 – 9 station


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