Grow From Seed in a Holman Greenhouse with a Misting System

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7 Reasons why the Greenhouse and Misting Kit is the Perfect Companion for any Home Gardener

Location of your Greenhouse

The seedlings in your Greenhouse will want a full sun to part sun outdoor position all year round depending on the climate of your location. If you live in a particularly hot city, where summer temperatures reach 30+ degrees, a secondary slightly shady or protected location will be required so your seedlings do not overheat. In especially windy or coastal locations, you may want to weigh down the base of the greenhouse with a heavy object […]

How to flush your irrigation system and replace pop up nozzles

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STEP 1: Inspect your risers and nozzles

Clear the sprinkler surround with a trowel or sprinkler surround cutter
Inspect the sprinkler body for damage
Lift the sprinkler riser and inspect it for damage
Unscrew the old nozzle
Inspect the inside for debris or damage
Undo the filter basket and rinse it under the tap. Before you replace the filter basket make sure you flush the system (Step 2)

STEP 2: Flush the system

Use a flush cap to flush the system from debris. A flush cap maintains pressure in the irrigation system
It’s easier to […]