Christmas Gardening Gift Guide


We’re here to help you discover the perfect gift this Christmas for your friends and family. Whether they are beginner gardeners, avid green thumbs or just love spending time in their own backyard these gifts are sure to help beautify their gardens.

  All prices correct as at Thursday 7 December 2017 via Bunnings website.

  Under $20  

  Under $50 &nbsp […]

Raised Garden Beds: 4 Week Check In

We planted an array of basil, cherry tomatoes and kale as seedlings and added in some strawberries the following day. We love seeing how happy and healthy all the plants have become, and how much the owner enjoys picking leaves off for dinner.

We used a natural Pyrethrum spray, which is made from the Pyrethrum daisy and is effective at keeping aphids, caterpillars, whiteflies, scale, mealy bug and thrips at bay. Check the instructions of the product to use to see what temperatures are suitable for spraying in, and if there is a withholding period.

Grow From Seed in a Holman Greenhouse with a Misting System


7 Reasons why the Greenhouse and Misting Kit is the Perfect Companion for any Home Gardener

Location of your Greenhouse

The seedlings in your Greenhouse will want a full sun to part sun outdoor position all year round depending on the climate of your location. If you live in a particularly hot city, where summer temperatures reach 30+ degrees, a secondary slightly shady or protected location will be required so your seedlings do not overheat. In especially windy or coastal locations, you may want to weigh down the base of the greenhouse with a heavy object […]

Transform Your Unused Outdoor Space with a Raised Garden Bed


Our Shopping List


The garden bed itself does not require any tools to assemble
Scissors to cut the weedmat to shape
A small trowel for digging your seedling holes


Before starting your project consider the amount of sun your chosen area receives. Full sun (5+ hours) to part sun (3+ hours) is perfect for most herbs and vegetables. If you experience very hot summers, a mild morning sun position is preferable to a hot afternoon sun position. If your plants are exposed to too much hot Summer sun they are likely to […]