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Transform Your Unused Outdoor Space with a Raised Garden Bed


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The garden bed itself does not require any tools to assemble
Scissors to cut the weedmat to shape
A small trowel for digging your seedling holes


Before starting your project consider the amount of sun your chosen area receives. Full sun (5+ hours) to part sun (3+ hours) is perfect for most herbs and vegetables. If you experience very hot summers, a mild morning sun position is preferable to a hot afternoon sun position. If your plants are exposed to too much hot Summer sun they are likely to […]

4 Ways to Green Up Your Space while Renting


If you’re renting, you may think you don’t have as many gardening options as a home owner but don’t be too disheartened.

At Holman we have some great indoor and outdoor gardening solutions for rental properties that will have you growing your own plants and food in no time.

In this blog, we outline our favourite mobile and temporary gardening ideas that will be suitable to you, whether you are limited to a small balcony, a completely paved courtyard or perhaps there is a garden bed but your landlord wouldn’t appreciate you […]

Set up a Vertical Living GreenWall


Vertical GreenWall Advantages

STEP 1: Installing the GreenWall panels

Determine how many panels you want to install.
Once you have determined where your first panel will be located you hold it against the wall and get it level (use a spirit level). It is most important that you get it level if you are going to add more panels because a small level error will magnify as the line of panels grows longer.
Next you need to mark the wall to position the holding bracket.

If attaching to a solid wall such as brick or concrete […]

How to flush your irrigation system and replace pop up nozzles


STEP 1: Inspect your risers and nozzles

Clear the sprinkler surround with a trowel or sprinkler surround cutter
Inspect the sprinkler body for damage
Lift the sprinkler riser and inspect it for damage
Unscrew the old nozzle
Inspect the inside for debris or damage
Undo the filter basket and rinse it under the tap. Before you replace the filter basket make sure you flush the system (Step 2)

STEP 2: Flush the system

Use a flush cap to flush the system from debris. A flush cap maintains pressure in the irrigation system
It’s easier to […]