Connect-a-Pot™ Vertical GreenWall™ Kit

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Modular GreenWall™ Kits

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The Connect-a-Pot™ range of vertical gardening pots is a great way to design your own plant arrangements on your outdoor walls.

Each pot comes with a matching bracket, providing an endless range of possibilities. Play around with scattered pots across the wall or link the brackets together for classic block and line configurations.

The final design is entirely up to you!

  • Easy to assemble
  • Pots include clips to secure 13mm poly and 14mm micro poly.
  • Brackets are connectable, enabling secure fastening of larger banks of pots.
  • Pots are interchangeable from brackets, even after fastening to the wall.
  • Mesh base included in each pot for blockage free drainage.
  • All fittings are UV stabilised.
Interchangable pots on bracketsEndless possiblitiesVertical gardens!
Pots clip to 13mm poly and 4mm micro polyEasy to assembleConnectable brackets
UV stabilisedModular and expandableMesh base for drainage

Install in minutes!

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