About Us

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Company Background

Holman was established in 1966 when it operated as a wholesaler and distributor in the electrical and electronics industries. In 1991 a new manangement team shifted the focus of the company to the watering and garden lighting sector. In so doing, the electronics tradition of Holman Industries was retained in the company’s development and manufacture of electronic garden irrigation and lighting control systems. Holman Industries is now a leading supplier to the irrigation and garden watering and lighting markets across Australia and overseas.

Warehouse and Distribution

Head Office – Perth

Our office, manufacturing department and warehouse facility is located at Osborne Park, 10 minutes from Perth CBD. We have long term staff who have the experience & product knowledge to provide quick friendly service.

Melbourne Office

Holman has relocated its Melbourne office to the suburb of Broadmeadows. This distribution centre is ideally located near the key transport routes to service the eastern coast of Australia.
The warehouse stocks the full line of Holman products.


Over the last fourteen years Holman have provided a complete, well-priced range of irrigation, garden watering and garden lighting products. The company is heavily committed to research
and development. We are determined to maintain an innovative, quality range of irrigation control equipment that is designed, built, and serviced in Australia. Products like WaterWhiz™, WaterSmart™ and the ARID Gardener are evidence of the quality of innovation and design
being produced by the company.

Our Brand

HOLMAN has invested significant time and resources over the past 2 years in re-developing it’s already successful brand, with a focus on creating a more versitile identity. This brand commitment not only focuses on our packaging and products unique identity, but also in our commitment to providing a more sustainable future for the enviroment and reducing waste, through innovative packaging and the intelligent management of materials.

To honour this commitment, HOLMAN’s membership to the Australian governments “Packaging Covenant” scheme provides details in the form of an action plan, outlining what we are doing to help in this important arena.

To view HOLMAN’s action plan please CLICK HERE.

To view HOLMAN’s first documented Annual Report that
has been assessed by the Packaging Covenant please CLICK HERE.