Scene Automation Example - Setup a Watering Schedule for the WX1 Tap Timer that also sends an app notification when the watering starts

Using your connected WX1 Tap Timer create an Automation scenario that will water for 10 minutes at 6am on Sundays and Thursdays and send an app notification to the Message Centre in the Holman Home app when the watering starts.

Note: This automation will not be influenced by any attached Smart Moisture Sensor and so will water regardless.

This is a screenshot of the finished example, see below for the steps required to create it.
Scenario screen

  1. From the Scene screen with Automation chosen, choose + (the top right hand corner)
  2. Scene screen

  3. Choose Schedule
  4. Create Scene screen

  5. Set the watering start time. In this example we are setting it to 6:00am
  6. Schedule screen

  7. Choose Repeat
  8. Schedule screen

  9. Choose the appropriate day/s of the week. In this example we will choose Sun and Thurs
    Choose < when done
  10. Repeat screen

  11. Choose Next
  12. Schedule screen

  13. From the Then section choose +
  14. Select Function screen

  15. Choose Run the device
  16. Create Scene screen

  17. Choose WX1 Tap Timer
  18. All Devices screen

  19. Choose Manual watering Setting
  20. Select Function screen

  21. Set the appropriate watering time. In this example we are setting it to 10 minutes
    Choose Save when done
  22. Manual Timer Setting screen

  23. Choose Manual Watering
  24. Select Function screen

  25. Choose On and then choose Save
  26. Manual Watering screen

  27. Choose Next
  28. Select Function screen

  29. From the Then section choose +
  30. Select Function screen

  31. Choose Send notification
  32. Create Scene screen

  33. Choose Message Center and then choose Next
  34. Select Notification Method screen

  35. Choose ... to give the scenario a better name
  36. Create new Scene screen

  37. Tap in the default name and edit it. Then choose OK
  38. Create new Scene screen

  39. Check everything is correct and then choose Save
  40. Create new Scene screen

  41. Choose Yes to start using the new Automation
  42. Create new Scenescreen

  43. View all your Automation scenarios. Note it is possible to disable the Automation scenario using the toggle in the red box below
  44. Scene screen

Last updated : 22 August 2022