3-Arm Rotating Sprinkler with Heavy Duty Weighted Base

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3 Rotating Sprinkler

with Heavy Duty Weighted Base


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Designed to work in windy areas, this sprinkler comes with controllable rotation speed and an adjustable spray angle. The full circle spray pattern has your medium sized lawn covered.

Features and Benefits
  • Perfect for medium lawns!
  • Throws bigger droplets ideal for windy areas
  • Larger droplets are more wind resistant and gentler on delicate plants
  • Withstand the harsh Australian sun with UV protected plastic
  • Full circle spray pattern for even water distribution
Adjustable spray angle6m throw radiusFull circle 360° spray
UV stabilised sun protectionDouble o-ring connection12mm hose end fitting size

Tech Specs

Interchangeable Head + Base

Oscillator HeadHeavy Duty Weighted Base

3-Arm Rotor

Weighted Base

Adjust drop size with rotor speedInternal weights for solid base
⌀12m throwDouble o-ring connection
Full circle 360° spray15mm BSP sprinkler connection

Tech Specs

Throw radius: 6m

  • Model number: 7140H
  • Product dimensions: 200 × 75 × 190mm
  • Package dimensions: 75 × 190 × 210mm
  • Weight: 0.36kg
  • Material: Plastic
  • Flow rate at 400kPa: 16.1L/min
7180H Oscillator Box

Weighted Base Range

7180H Oscillating Sprinkler



Rectangular Coverage360m² max rectangle
Rectangular Coverage30 × 12m max area
LawnFor LARGE lawns
Adjustable Spray AngleAdjustable angle


7140H 3-Arm Srpinkler

3‑Arm Rotating Sprinkler


Circular Coverage110m² max circle
Spray Diameter⌀12m throw
LawnFor MEDIUM lawns
DropletsAdjustable drop size


7160H 360° Spinner

360° Spinner


Circular Coverage75m² max circle
Spray Diameter⌀10m throw
LawnFor SMALL lawns
DripletsHigh speed droplets


7150H Large Shaker Sprinkler

Large Shaker


Circular Coverage75m² max circle
Spray Diameter⌀10m throw
LawnFor SMALL lawns
DropletsLarger drops


7170H Turbine Powered Gear Drive Sprinkler

Turbine Powered Gear Drive Sprinkler


Circular Coverage150m² max circle
Spray Diameter⌀14m throw
LawnFor LARGE lawns
Multi-function4× spray functions


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